If you’re an avid view on of Dungeons & Dragons Twitch channels, or even a cinema enthusiast, there is narrative importance to music and sounds. Music and sounds set the tone and mood for scenes and environments. Many players and Dungeon Masters employ music for scenery, battles, and even small moments often times with soundtracks from recognizable games or movies. Other times, some use other music provided by creatives on YouTube or Spotify, then there are software applications like Syrinscape or Battlebards to accrue the music and create mixes and looped effects in case of those story moments last longer than 4 minutes.

I’ve been a fan of the Legends, Myths, and Whiskey Podcast practically since I started my blog. I love whiskey (spoiler) and love studying myths (it was a childhood fancy that led me down my path in life). The LMAW Podcast has previously done Mythosymphonies (orchestral scores crafted to accompany certain aspects of myths & legends) of Beowulf and Japan. I have both of them, and they have done additional ones for Heroic Kings and Voyage as a theme. Recently, Satyr Productions (the ones who product LMAW Podcast) asked me to review their latest soundscape venture, “the Underground,” which is inspired by the D&D subterranean world of the Underdark.

You can find Satyr Production’s latest soundscape on their Bandcamp portal here. You can see their other works here.

Who are the Legend, Myths, and Whiskey Podcast?

The LMAW Podcast is a storytelling podcast focused on provoking interest in culture and history. Each episode consists of musical accompaniments with a story element. Older episodes are available on their Patreon.

What are soundscapes?

Let’s start with some basics, what’s a soundscape? A soundscape is a sound or combination of sounds (sometimes music) that arises from an immersive environment. In other words, it’s sounds that create the impression of scenery, a cinematic moment, or character. Soundscapes can invoke emotions that are relevant to the overall theme, though its not always necessary.

Music for your next subterranean adventure!

All audio tracks are written and composed by Satyr Products with a partnership with Rat King Games to release these roleplaying centric tracks. One thing I appreciate about this soundscape is the organization of the tracks from common and major locations, ones for mood setting, and even tracks for enemies. It makes it easier to determine which tracks to use for their intended purpose.

One of my favorite tracks has to be Common Location: Forbidden City. I love the idea of forsaken, abandoned underground cities or ones that seem to be that way. When I hear this particular track, I’m thinking of a lost civilization with stone structures, an elaborate layout, the odd calming air with a chilling awkward silence. Throw in some mood tracks as your players explore this abandoned city. If your adventuring group runs into danger and a deadly encounter, there are some appropriate battle music you can splash into the mix. The music production is top notch, and I thoroughly enjoyed using these in one of my home sessions.

I will say that the Major Location: Beneath the Realm is a great introductory song if you’re playing the Out of the Abyss adventure module from Wizards of the Coast. It sets that mystical aspect of the Underdark with the sinister undertones that await your adventurers.

I would definitely recommend some sort of music mixing software whether an actual application on your computer or you can use it the Bandcamp app for mobile devices, or an online media mixer too. You will definitely have control with the audio if you use a mixer, especially when controlling when your tracks play and all the audiophilic terms that I won’t interject or torment you with.

The Price

So if you’re planning on purchasing Soundscape from the Underground, for your own personal campaign (at home) games, it’ll cost you $3 USD. Buying the soundscape will allow you unlimited streaming via web browsers or the Bandcamp app. Additionally, you can download the tracks as high-quality MP3s or FLAVs.

If you’re a streamer or stream your D&D games on Twitch or YouTube, you can purchase a commercial-use license for $150 USD (which is industry average). Filmmakers can also acquire a different licensing for $500 USD.

Ultimately, for the price, especially for the at-home D&D/RPG game, you get a fair amount of content for your dollar. If you have any doubts or want to sample the music before you buy, you can definitely do so on their Bandcamp page here.

Please check out LMAW Podcast’s home page & Patreon. You can also follow them on Twitter.

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