Hey folks!

For my frequent readers and followers, this is an update just for you.

This April, I’ve taken on several large projects, at least 2 of them are personal with the remainder being collaborations with other creators.  Suffice to say, due to this increased workload, there has to be some take, and some give. As a result, I will be scheduling fewer blog posts for April. I want to continue creating quality blog posts for you all, and I do not wish to do the disservice to anyone by writing subpar posts.

Current Schedule & Adjustments to Pre-Existing Schedule

Some may have already noticed my somewhat infrequent posts of the Adventures of Team BAJA this early portion of the year, a majority of these issues came from my own time management, my day job, and the increased workload. Any literary works, which includes the Adventure of Team BAJA and Anthology from the Land of Magic will now be released every first and last Wednesday of every month.

Tuesdays and Thursdays still remain the same for Homebrew content, Death By Reviews (on Thursdays), and any advice columns. Fridays are still reserved for special edition articles that do not fit into the established content schedule.

I made a New Year’s resolution to give myself several days a month as personal time, wherein I relax and do the minimal amount of work to avoid any potential burnouts. Those weeks, posts will be scheduled but any additional content will only be written at my convenience.

Upcoming Projects!

If you aren’t a Patron on my Patreon, you should. All of my project updates are seen there and available to Patrons only.

But for those who aren’t my patron, I can divulge certain projects.

Due to the overwhelming success of Journey into the Feywild, I am moving forward with a more ambitious project codenamed “Dark Arcana”. If Journey into the Feywild was an inspirational sourcebook on the Fey, then Dark Arcana is full-fledged sourcebook (inspirational, lore, and mechanics) on all aspects of evil and magic. Consider it a modernized Book of Vile Darkness & Tome of Horrors upgrade to D&D 5th Edition with a lot of personal twists. Principal writing will be done during the month of April and possibly May. There is a longer production process due to the size and depth of the subject matter.

Artifacts of the Guild is a collaborative project with some of the most iconic D&D/DMsGuild content creators helmed by Emmet Byrne. I have enlisted myself to the project and will be submitting content to be considered in the final iteration of the supplement. You can look forward to more details on this space and on Emmet’s twitter page.

Thank you to everyone who’s been supportive and always frequents this site. Your continued support has helped me grow into a larger and hopefully better creator.

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