I’m a big pin collector, every time I traveled, I always try to find an enamel pin to bring home as a souvenir. I was never the most prominent novelty pin collector, though I did own several pins for theme parks and attractions such as Disney World, the London Eye, and the U.S.S. Arizona Memorial to name a few. I have a few friends who love to collect pins that express their fandoms or nerdiness, and over the years they’ve worn me down, and I started collected the few novelty pins here and there. I barely own any enamel pins that represent my deep love for Dungeons & Dragons, but recently I was introduced to fun Kickstarter that not only showcase my love for RPG games but also incorporated other fandoms as well from Lord of the Rings, Star Trek, Star Wars and even comic books like Marvel and DC.

Fungeons & Fandoms brings the simplicity of the d20 enamel pin design and incorporates the flair of some of your favorite fandoms.

There are a total of seven designs proposed, with the first design, a green d20 with the Tolkein’s Sindarin elvish in the place where the “20” should be.
As the campaign continues, the rest of the designs will be unlocked as stretch goals. I’m quite partial to the Klingon design and the Star Wars Droid Basic language. I know I will be getting the Sindarin pin to one of my players as she’s a big LOTR fan.

The other designs include:

  • Blank Panther’s Wakandan with a stunning purple and black scheme with gold plating
  • Klingon from Star Trek
  • The Droid language from Star Wars
  • Futurama’s Alienese which you can find subtlely across the futuristic sci-fi comedy
  • Kryptonian from DC Comics’ Superman
  • Finally, Tolkein’s Dwarven language of Cirth

The designers at the Grumpy Unicorn have done a similar Kickstarter and are hoping to achieve similar funding again to reach all design stretch goals. Not only that, but the designer is only 16 years old! This is a great way to sponsor a young enterprising individual into a larger creative space.
Pledge Levels

At the time of this article, there are still some early bird pledges available, but in general, backers can pledge 13 AUD (or $8 USD) to snag one of these designs (as more unlock) with additional pledges to secure more pins. The best benefit to everyone (backers included) is to share this Kickstarter project and help it reach its 2100+ AUD stretch goal (which has been achieved in their past Kickstarter). For US backers, there is an estimated $9 USD shipping charge, so please keep that in mind.
Final Impressions

I love the designs when I first saw them, and these honestly expand the unique fandoms and nerdy pop culture that has permeated across the D&D/RPG community. So if you’re like me and love to showcase your individuality more often, then is another great one for you to pop in and lend your support.

Kickstarter link: http://kck.st/2rINvxy

See more pin designs at https://pileaplace.com/pages/pins-pins

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