Greetings readers, subscribers, and email-listers!

You have noticed a sudden slow down of postings on the blog during May. I have to apologize that my current project workload has reached an unprecedented height I did not foresee. No, I am not overwhelmed, but many of my projects consume a vast portion of my time. I am currently trying to find a balance between my creative projects, projects I’ve committed to, and my blogging between here and Encounter Roleplay.

As we approach into June, I have acquired many pressing projects that require my full attention and priority. Because of this, my blog posts will be reduced significantly again. I have some posts that have half completed and reviews in the queue to be written (including official releases such as Mordenkainen’s Tome of Foes). I sincerely apologize to many readers and fans who always look forward to more content, my focus has shifted significantly to a much more creative venue lately.

I post more of my creative news and updates on my Patreon now, though my thoughts on design will still occasionally show up here. Lore and mechanics posts can always be found here, but again, the workload has left me focused on my current projects. The current Team BAJA Season 3 write-ups will be heavily delayed until I have time to sit down to type the narrative and get a quick proofread.

If you want more real-time updates, I heavily suggest following me on Twitter. You can always reach me there very quickly. For any business inquiries, I recommend sending me an email.

Thank you again for all your readership, patience, and follows. I hope to return to you with the accumulating pile of ideas I’ve been sitting on this past two months soon.

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