So some big announcements now that we’re in the month of July.


That’s right everyone, your friendly neighborhood, fireball-slinging arcanist will be appearing in Indianapolis, IN between August 2nd and 5th! I am a member of the press and will be blogging my experiences in Gen Con along with providing coverage on the many happenings within the tabletop and tabletop RPG scene to the best of my ability. I will be documenting a lot of my adventure through Instagram, so make sure to follow me on that. You will definitely see updates on Twitter and Facebook based on my availability.

I will be wandering through the many venues, but I will also be in a few press releases and seminars too. If you are a patron or a follower and want to meet up, just send me a DM, and we’ll try to arrange something if schedule permits. Additionally, if you’re interested in a business inquiry, please send me an email to with your name, and details about your game. I can’t promise I will make to everything as this will be my first time at this convention and to the city of Indianapolis.

I may have something special in store during my visit to the “Crossroads of America,” some keep an eye on my social media accounts, and maybe this wandering mage might surprise you with something.

In other news, I have a few blog articles that are due to be published, I just have to finish writing and proofreading them. There are some updates I will be performing on the website over time, most are from the backend so it should not affect your enjoyment of the articles and content on the site. Thank you to my readers and fans who continue to come back and enjoy the site. It’s been a labor of love these few years, and August will mark a big birthday for the site, so stay tuned for that bit as well.

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