Hey everyone!

For my regular subscribers and readers, you have noticed some silence for the past two weeks. Well, I was on a much-needed family vacation to relax and give myself some relief from all the stress in my daily life. To no one’s surprise, I was working on projects and my various other responsibilities. I’ve been very active and busy writing and creating content, and if you’re not a patron on my Patreon, you are definitely missing out.

Reviews have been somewhat delayed due to my vacation as I rarely had many opportunities to read books except for maybe one or two small things. Hopefully, I will have more time now that I’ve returned home and greeted by a substantial itinerary of to-dos ahead of me. Due to the nature of some of these projects, many of which are behind NDAs or lack confirmations that I cannot divulge much of the happenings behind the scenes except for to some in my inner circle. Even then, NDAs take precedence. Some of my projects have been placed on indefinite holds, while others are being shifted to more long-term timelines.

Here are some expected topics & content that I plan to work on and release onto this site very soon:

  • Building the Perfect Shadow-User (title pending)
  • Santa Claus D&D 5e (I’ve done this now for almost 4 years, and I don’t plan to stop)
  • Some new D&D 5e homebrew topics
  • The return of the Adventure of Team BAJA Season 3 narrative
  • New Anthology series (once Season 3 is finished)
  • Death By Reviews

Here is some new content I hope to bring to this site while adjusting to some others:

  • RPG Spotlights – showcasing other tabletop RPGs
  • Death By Reviews – I hope to expand to other tabletop RPGs besides D&D
  • Anthology from the Land of Magic will move into a monthly column due to time constraints after Team BAJA season 3 concludes
  • Due to the increased content creation & future projects, I am also reducing my posts to a minimum of one post a week starting in October
  • Mage Mondays will be repurposed into something else, to what, I have no idea as of this time, but if you have any suggestions, please comment down below

Some potentially exciting topics I would like to consider but would love to have feedback from you:

  • Dive into the Shadowfell – a series of articles that delve into the Shadowfell, similar to the Feywild articles that have become a mainstay of this site
  • More adventure hooks or story ideas (to help DMs)
  • An article on tools to help players become efficient during their game sessions (tips about keeping page numbers for features handy, spell cards, how to organize your character binders, etc.)
  • New monster ideas – Maybe something called Freaky Fridays?

I haven’t forgotten where I started, but the journey has led me further than I expected. I am evolving from the D&D Blogger who started out writing the narrative recaps about his 5th Edition campaign (which has been going on for 4 years strong still). There’s been plenty of significant changes to my personal life and to what I do now on this space and on others, so I am eternally grateful for your patience and support. Thank you for your viewership, subscriptions, and everything else you do to help me keep creating. You all keep me motivated.

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