Our friends at Cawood Publishing return once again with another Kickstarter project, this time with stunning artwork brought to you by Domenico Neziti‘s comics to create an RPG comic book: RPGenerations: Tabletop Knights. I’ve read several of Domenico’s pieces on my Instagram account, which often leads a good laugh in public.

You can find the Kickstarter project here. At the time of this article, the campaign has gone for nearly a week already and has over 20 days left before completion.

The Book

RPGenerations: Tabletop Knights book, Image by Cawood Publishing

According to the Kickstarter campaign, the comic book will be a 7″ by 7″ softcover book featuring 100 comics. There are stretch goals to add more pages, and possibly have a hardcover print.

If you wish to see some of Domenico’s artwork, you can check them out on his Instagram or Facebook page. There are samples of his comics on the Kickstarter campaign as well.

A Portrait of the Artist as Young Man

Just a disclaimer, the actual novel, A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man is not the most straightforward reading material, and honestly, I did not enjoy my experience with it at all.

With that being said, Domenico’s comics highlight his personal experiences as a player and Game Master. Many of these comics feature situations that have possibly happened in your game tables. Domenico has worked as an illustrator and comic artist professionally with many comic publishers such as Dark Horse, Image, Soleil, Marvel, Glenat (to name a few), and worked in the RPG industry with Green Ronin Publishing and others for the last few years.

I found instant relatability with the RPGeneration comics whenever they appeared on my Instagram feed, and I can attest to the stunning art quality. But art is subjective, and I encourage you to check out his accounts and the Kickstarter campaign to see for yourself.

Extra Goodies

Besides the comic book, Cawood Publishing will also be releasing a D&D 5th edition adventure module for character levels 4th to 6th at some backer levels. It is estimated to be a 40-page digital PDF. The adventure will contain illustrations by Domenico, maps, NPCs, and pre-generated characters inspired by the comics.

Also, there will be a digital booklet available, featuring several NPCs from Domenico’s comics. These characters will have detailed stat blocks and background information.

To help reach their funding goal, there are some add-ons that range from an RPGenerations notebook and t-shirt. These rewards will be made available at the end of the campaign (if funded) on Backerkit.

Final Impressions

I have already been a fan of Domenico’s comics from the various newsfeeds I’ve seen them, and Cawood Publishing continues to produce quality D&D 5th Edition content (you may read previous product reviews here, here, and here). This is not Cawood Publishing’s first collaboration with a talented artist, their previous Monsters in the Feyland Kickstarter finished with great success with art featured by Travis Hanson. This project is definitely worth a look, and if you like what you see, please lend them your support.

Cannot afford the Kickstarter due to impending holiday obligations? Worry not, you can support the Kickstarter campaign by posting about it on social media.

Kickstarter Campaign link for RPGenerations: Tabletop Knights: http://kck.st/2OyXgqC

You can check out more about Cawood Publishing:

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