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Mistress of Revels, Lady Glimmer, Lady of the Mists

Intermediate Deity
Symbol: a pentagon of five five-pointed stars (blue, purple, pink, yellow, green)
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Portfolio: illusions, mischief, humor, dance, joy, happiness, festivals, tricks, autumn
Worshippers: bards, dancers, farmers, entertainers, poets, revelers, singers, tricksters
Clerical Alignment: NG, CG, CN
Favored Weapon: sparkles (dart)

Numea is long ago been enthralled by the song of the Musician, dancing to the cosmic melody without pause or fail. Numea is occasionally the topic of poets and songwriters who are inspired by her carefree and good spirit. She embodies all forms of revelry and festivities, while not entirely hedonistic, many of her followers do tend to possess some hedonistic tendencies though not all. Numea encourages harmless mischief and tricks as a means to having fun and joy, for everyone should always indulge in the joy that life brings, good or ill. Numea holds the mantle over autumn, as the last feasible season for the final harvest before the cold winter sets, as a testament to a long summer’s work and on the onset of a cold winter; the Mistress of Revels encourages all to celebrate. Farmers generally pray to Numea for a good harvest during the autumn season, pledging to use some of the harvested goods for a grand celebration typically near the equinox.

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