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Madame Moonlight, Lady of the Stars, Lady in Silver

Greater Deity
Symbol: crescent moon with three silver stars
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Portfolio: the moon, the stars, navigation, seers, diviners, non-evil lycanthropes
Worshippers: navigators, female spellcasters, non-evil lycanthropes, sailors, Sunsingers
Clerical Alignment: CG, NG, CN
Favored Weapon: Rod of Guidance (heavy mace)

The second orb of light from the White Lady, Lystrata was born into the wild darkness of the night sky. While Alderron’s light was bright and great, he casted long shadows around Soladis. The god Eclipse was skilled and well hidden in the shadows cast by the sun’s light. Lystrata took the great task of finding her consort’s foe and illuminated the night sky with her own light. While not as brilliant as the sun god, the light of Lystrata glowed calmly against the backdrop of the night sky. The moonlight reveals all of the mystery from the night, illuminating the way for those lost within it.

On nights when the moon is full, Lystrata’s light is strongest but slowly the light wanes and she must return to Alderron to replenish the light once again. During those times, the night is darkest and great mischief are committed. Lystrata is often depicted as a silvered hair elf maiden with pale skin, wielding a rod and a silver lantern.

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