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Farl Chronos

the Timekeeper, Lord Paradox, the Great Foreteller

Greater Deity
Symbol: an hourglass
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Portfolio: time, order, divinations, inevitability, continuity, fate
Worshippers: farmers, laborers, diviners, historians
Clerical Alignments: LE, LN, LG
Favored Weapon: Paradox (longsword)

The Watcher guards against foes from beyond Soladis, while Alderron was a deity of judgment and the betterment of Soladis, the sun god was too idealistic for the Silent Sword. From his essence, Farl became the meter that marked the passing of all things in Soladis. A mediator of all actions, of all events, of all moments; the Timekeeper gave all beings their fair share of time. He guards against temporal anomalies and those who seek to interfere with the timeline, he protects the one true gift of all sentient beings. The gift of time, to separate the moments and the events of their lives, to give a beginning as well as an ending.  Farl is considered a fair deity, as all beings are given a measure of time, all are given the right to use it as they deem fit, and once their time has come and gone, the cycle must reset. While the White Lady and the Shadow govern the platforms of life, death, and rebirth; the Timekeeper is the one who advances the platforms like cogs.

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