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The Wanderer

the Walker of the Horizons, the God of Travels, the Unfound God

Greater Deity
Symbol: an open road towards an unknown horizon
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Portfolio: travel, adventure, roads, transformation, evolution, unpredictability, journeys, individuality, personal freedom
Worshippers: travelers, nomads, questers, wanderers, those who are lost
Clerical Alignments: CE, CN, CG, N
Favored Weapon: Staff of Travels (quarterstaff)

The Wanderer fought on both fronts during the Avatar Wars, following his whims and desires. At the end of the war, the god of travels vanished beyond the horizon, never to be seen by the pantheon again. None but the gods know of his exploits during the war, but none know of the reasons why he left and disappeared.

Of all of the other gods of Soladis, the Wanderer is the only deity to walk amongst mortals after the war, though unknown and unseen by all, he travels and wanderers about under different guises and names. It is said the occasional passerby may be the god himself, blessing folk of save travels and even helping along the roads. The Unfound God was rumored to have fled to the open road out past atrocities committed during the war, while some whisper that the gods sought to depose him due to his great power and thus he fled in order to survive. Regardless, the Wanderer rewards adventurers and travelers for their ability to adapt to their environments and chimes to take the least likely of paths in both travels and in life.

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