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The White Lady

the Gentle Light, Mother of Souls, the White Mother

Greater Deity
Symbol: A white flower with nine petals
Alignment: Neutral Good
Portfolio: mothers, life, forgiveness, rebirth, newborns, purity
Worshippers: mothers, expecting mothers, midwives
Cleric Alignments: LG, NG, CG, N
Favored Weapon: white sash (spiked chain)

The White Lady brought light into the universe during the First Ones’ battle against the Darkness, this greatly aided in their victory. With the Darkness gone, the realm was shaped and molded by the First Ones, the White Lady had her light and the Shadow had his shadows; which created a cycle of repetitive ebb and flow. In Soladis, the afterlife is only a place of transition, for the White Lady and the Shadow preside over the ebb and flow of life. Life and Rebirth belonged to the White Lady, who tends the White Tree of Souls along the shores of the River of Transmigration. Souls wash along the shores and nourish the tree, bearing fruit (a new soul) the White Lady sends the new found soul along the river again to reenter Soladis at the river’s end; a great vortex-like well, where all souls are poured from the Positive Energy plane into the mortal coil.

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