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Lady of the Lake, the Tranquil Purity

Lesser Deity
Symbol: a leaf hitting the surface of water
Alignment: Neutral Good
Portfolio: springs, pools, waterfalls, peace, purification, quiet places
Worshippers: druids, pacifists, rangers, virgins
Clerical Alignment: CG, NG, N
Favored Weapon: open hand (unarmed strike)

Lysril is the guardian of groves and lakes, she is often perceived as a young maiden with greenish hair. She is present wherever there is calm or silent, bringing peace and tranquility to all. Lysril is also a goddess of inward reflection and peace within the spirit as well. Often her clerics preach of shedding one’s burdens and letting them be washed away by the flowing waters of ponds or springs. Lysril and Umila both have dominion bodies of water, but not necessarily the element of water itself. Umila is often rambunctious and whimsical in her demeanor, while Lysril is calm and delicate. While the two goddesses have little in common, they both oppose the tainting of water and any harm that befalls those under their watch. While Lysril is a pacifist, even if threatened; her wits and cunning have aided her well, often simply running away from her enemies to the point they overextend themselves and force mistakes.

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