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Lady of Misfortune, Lady of Thorns

Lesser Deity
Symbol: branch of thorns wrapped around a black rose
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Portfolio: random mischief, misfortune, bad luck, accidents, hexes
Worshippers: assassins, gamblers, rogues, sadists, those wishing ill fortune on others
Clerical Alignment: CE, NE, CN
Favored Weapon: thorns (barbed scourge)

Jinx was once a kind-hearted demigod, always up for mischief and having misadventures. At the break of the Avatar War, Jinx witnessed the death of one of her companions. At first she joined the gods of light and sought to even the scales in their favor, she began to fall in love with the sun god Alderron knowing full well of the sun god’s betroth to Lystrata, the moon goddess. During the course of the war, the sun god never returned her affection and as the war continued, her patience and temperament waned. With Eclipse’s lack of success of swaying the moon goddess, the god of seduction took note of Jinx’s continued struggles, his honeyed words reached Jinx, forcing her to abandon the light and embrace the darkness within her. Her fall made her spiteful of Alderron and Lystrata, she cursed their existence and seeks to ruin all forms of unions. Entropy also carries great contempt against the sun god, the two deities naturally joined forces out of mutual hate. The storm god, Malchoir, joined their ranks as the two gods sought to bring disability and ruin to the creations of the sun god and the gods of light, forming the Trio of Calamity.

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