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The Shadow

the King of Ghosts, Lord of Shadows, the Specter of Memories

Greater Deity
Symbol: a white mask on a hooded specter
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Portfolio: ghosts, shadows, Death, forgotten memories, regrets, secrets, loss
Worshippers: those have suffered loss, betrayals, blindness; the insane, thieves, ghosts
Cleric Alignments: LE, NE, CE, N
Favored Weapon: ghostly tendrils (spiked chain)

The Shadow is the direct counterpart to the White Lady, while originally not named ‘the Shadow’; it became a title as he wielded the shadows created by the White Lady’s light. While the clergies of the two deities often are opposite to each other, the two gods are practically civil with one another. While the Shadow believes that all things may one day fall into shadow, should the light wane and be lost; the Shadow fears this eventuality for shadows only exist by light’s rays. Some within the two clergies have even theorized that the two gods are in fact the same god or perhaps the two gods are joined together by their polar energies; either one can break from the other for it may result in total destruction. Regardless, the Shadow is a pervasive god, for he collects on all things; the dead who do not wish for rebirth, the debts and promises owed or owned by the deceased, the memories that are forgotten by mortals, and secrets.

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