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The Wolf, Walker of the Wastes

Lesser Deity
Symbol: a gray wolf or coyote with blue eyes
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Portfolio: wastelands (hot or cold), hunters, stalking, predators, wolves and other canines, primal instincts, lycanthropy
Worshippers: hunters, rangers, druids, lycanthropes, sentient carnivores, barbarians, nomads, shapeshifters
Clerical Alignment: CE, CN, CG, N
Favored Weapon: claw (scimitar)

Fang hailed from the continent of Zon in his mortal life, a land of extremes with its desolate desert in the west of the continent and the frigid tundra beyond the mountain range. These regions are commonly referred to as the Askartai and Numgol Wastes respectively. He was proud hunter famed for his diligence to the hunter’s lifestyle as the ability to take the form of any predator and even more. He is considered one of the key wardens of the continent, for Fang emphasizes the harsh reality of being a hunter and prey. Fang remained largely neutral during the Avatar Wars, deciding instead to protect the desert wastes of Zon for a time, before his adventures lead him to the frozen wastes past the mountains of Sundus. At the end of the war, Fang had become renowned for his adventures and prowess; he was rumored to have made contact with the Wanderer shortly before the god’s disappearance from the pantheon and gifted a portion of the Unfound God’s divine spark. Fang is a deity that embodies the physical and spiritual aspects of hunting, there is a cycle of life and death that must always be addressed but one should never hunt to excess.

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