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Goddess of the Harvest, Lady of Plenty, Bountiful Mother

Greater Deity
Symbol: a cornucopia surrounded by a wreath of grain
Alignment: Neutral Good
Portfolio: agriculture, cultivated plants, farmers, gardeners, summer
Worshippers: farmers, gardeners, druids, peasants and servants
Clerical Alignment: LG, NG, CG, N
Favored Weapon: a shock of grain (scythe)

Delenne was a primordial being who once roamed the open meadows and fields of Soladis with wild animal packs as a carefree spirit. As one of many children of the world itself in its early days, Delenne grew and changed with the world, her natural acceptance of many beings across her early years made her a worthy ally and friend. Delenne has seen the rise and fall of many demigods and would-be gods; she has even slain a few gods herself during the Avatar Wars. Delenne greatly cared for the well being of the mortal races that were fostered by the world. Of all the other various deities whom claim the mantle of protector of mortals, she is considered the greatest and feared protector of all. As the world changed, with Uras’ guidance of civilization that led to cities, the goddess changed to fit the needs of the mortals. She taught them the methods of farming and agriculture, allowing them to feed themselves in large groups and quantities. Delenne embodies the lushest and bountiful of the four seasons, while the season of autumn is traditionally regarded as the season of the final harvest, the Lady of Plenty encourages the maximization of the farming season.

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