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Great Blacksmith, Keeper of the Forge, Old Ironhand

Intermediate Deity
Symbol: an anvil surrounded by blue flames
Alignment: Neutral
Portfolio: the forge, blacksmithing, weapon making, metalwork, crafts
Worshippers: blacksmiths, metal-workers, welders
Clerical Alignment: Any
Favored Weapon: Starforge (warhammer)

Abu-Jagal is typically depicted as a large, tanned and muscular man with towering shoulders that befit his love of the forge. Abu-Jagal was a man of the Askartai Wastes, when the Avatar War reached those desolate lands; it was filled with would-be sorcerer kings and demigods, a great divide fell upon the wastes but Abu-Jagal remained neutral during most of the war. The Ironhand’s great mastery of metallurgy complimented the magical runes and seals gifted to him by Nexus in his pursuit for crafting the perfect weapon. The legendary blacksmith forged great artifacts and weapons for the many divine powers, some of these great artifacts remain lost to the very sands of the Askartai Wastes, while some lay hidden in the darkest of tombs, waiting to be used once more. Abu-Jagal learned much of his smiting from the first great smith, the dwarf all-father, Moradin; Abu-Jagal has been herald as one of his greatest of disciples, along with the equal distinction of bearing the patronage of Nexus.

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