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the Center Within, the Mentor, Warden of Truth

Greater Deity
Symbol: A dodecahedron with filigree on all sides
Alignment: Neutral
Portfolio: magic, spells, meditation, knowledge, wisdom, infinity, balance
Worshippers: sages, philosophers, mages, monks, scholars, hermits
Cleric Alignments: LN, NG, NE, CN, N
Favored Weapon: Journey (quarterstaff)

In the center of all things, between uncertainty and revelation, Nexus stands in its true center. He is the quintessential wise man, able to understand the patterns of the world and all its intricacies. While there is no establish hierarchy between the original five gods, Nexus is unspoken leader, for he sees all that happens and may happen within Soladis. While not entirely omnipotent, Nexus possesses great foresight and knowledge. This knowledge includes the inner workings of magic, both divine and arcane. To Nexus, there is not distinction between magic, life, and the inner cogs that drive the universe. There are greater things beyond the paradigms made by the Gods, there are much greater potentials within all beings; it simply requires one to make an initiative.

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