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the King of Knights, the Rising Sun, Sir Luminous

Greater Deity
Symbol: a flaming shield with the sun in the center and a crown above
Alignment: Lawful Good
Portfolio: royalty, kings, the sun, chivalry
Worshippers: kings, knights, retainers, nobility, judges, Sunsingers
Cleric Alignments: LG, LN, NG
Favored Weapon: Solar Flare (longsword)

One of the three children born of the White Lady, Alderron was the first orb of light placed into the heavens; an eccentric and bright flame, Alderron cast away much of the darkness that surrounded Soladis. The King of Knights is a protective deity, believing in the creation of laws to govern the mortal condition. While his consort and confidant, Lystrata believes in the freedom of goodness; Alderron believes in the discipline that caters to goodness and doing good deeds. Alderron is typically depicted as a tall and handsome man in immaculate golden armor, eyes as red as the sun, and blonde hair with a majestic gold crown with embedded rubies. The sun-god is typically the symbol of noble birth and noble ascension, especially in regards to kings and kingdoms. Alderron has been attributed to the simpler passing of power from a former leader onto an incumbent. Alderron detests his darker siblings above all other deities residing within Soladis. Particularly, Eclipse, whom the King of Knights has accused the god of night of attempting to seduce Lystrata.

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