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God of Nightmares, Lord of Decay, the Nightmare King

Greater Deity
Symbol: a shriveled black hand grasping a green-pupil eyeball
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Portfolio: nightmares, droughts, famine, undead, decay, sickness, plagues, suffering
Worshippers: hags, witches, blighters, those wishing ill of others, nihilists
Cleric Alignments: LE, NE, CE
Favored Weapon: Black Hand of Decay

Ebrus was born from the smallest mass of shadows from the Shadow; while small, the god of nightmares was no small contender during the Avatar Wars. Ebrus’ touch withered everything, drain of their vitality and strength. Unlike many of the gods who deal with the physicality of the mortal coil, Ebrus and his counterpart Lylea, dwell within the realm of the mind. In the beginning, the god of nightmares did not care about the flesh and blood or the lives that were lost during the Avatar Wars; his apathy for the war and for many of the gods stemmed from his desire to wander the darker regions of the mind, the spur of terror and fear brought the god great joy. Unfortunately, his joy was often short lived as many of the mortals he tormented often died shortly thereafter, as life was rather short during that torrential period. Dissatisfied with the state of affairs, the god of nightmares began to reach further into physical realm, where he first touched the earth, it withered and became desiccated. The plants and animals lost their vitality, drained of their life but not quite dead; the god found pleasure in torturing the poor creatures and plants that became his victims. This newfound joy enticed the originally apathetic god, like his fellow dark brothers, he would join them in the fray. Sowing despair and pain, a pleasure he would continue to deliver over the ages, while his brethren brought strife and destruction in their wake. The children of the Shadow would be known by many as the Dark Trinity, or the Three Evils; Eclipse brought great hunger and depravity, Ebrus brought despair and pain, and the last brother Entropy brought hate and destruction.

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