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The Lady of Frost

The Ice Queen, Lady of Icy Pain, the Frozen Lady

Lesser Deity
Symbol: a crown made of ice with a white snowflake
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Portfolio: cold climates, winter, pain, agony, torture, suffering
Worshippers: arctic dwellers, druids, beguilers, evil warriors, the depraved, frost giants, rangers, elemental archons (air or water)
Clerical Alignment: LE, NE, CE
Favored Weapon: permafrost (scourge/battle axe)

The Lady of Frost was originally a primordial goddess, opposite in nature to Delenne, the Bountiful Mother naturally aligned with the gods of light as the warm sun from Alderron allowed the foliage to grow and prosper while the Lady of Frost aligned with the gods of shadow as the shadows blocked the sunlight preventing the Ice Queen’s frost and ice from melting.

The Lady of Frost is a cruel deity, merciless and relentless, following the creed of ‘strength is its own reward’. Inferring the ability to become strong comes from one’s own will and determination, as shown in the goddess’ lack of favor to any of her followers, other than spells. While the goddess has a rather strict demeanor, she also has a playful sadistic side to her. The screams of her victims as they freeze is music to her divine ears, as she believes that sudden death is tasteless and reserved for those who offend her the greatest. As the embodiment of winter, she shows both beauty and disparity in her wake, gentleness and pain; a reminder that kindness can be harsh and hollow.

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