Hello fellow adventurers and dungeon delvers,

Next week I am starting what I hope (fingers crossed) will be a fun and creative posting schedule. The blog was never simply a place to share my group’s D&D adventures in my homebrew campaign setting. This space (tiny space) of the internet, I hope, would be another bastion of ideas and creativity for new and veteran players.

The DM’s corner is a short of private lounge stylized talk that will encompass everything from tips on dungeon-mastering, tips for players, ideas for homebrew, adventures hooks, and maybe even encounter ideas. Really it’s a hodge-podge of articles that I’ll be writing covering various aspects of this wonderful game.

I am anticipating a regular schedule post on Tuesdays (hopefully without some random meteor striking my house), which along with the soon-to-be narrative retelling of our past adventures starting on Wednesdays (23rd of September). Most websites or blogs tend to start with content out of the gates, unfortunately my spontaneity preempted my logic and here we are! But soon I promise we’ll start having actual content! Thanks for your patience for those we have visited this blog.