Last time on the Adventures of Team BAJA! The party find themselves in a predicament, they have retrieved the gem that was stolen from them. But a great and powerful ritual managed to still draw forth a mighty earthen hand through a portal. Things look dire!

The crimson energy continued to erupt from the ritual circle, a large gaping portal to another plane with a large earthen, clay hand descending onto the city of Illinathar. The hand was several miles wide, its shadow darkened the sky, dust and dirt began to pour from the portal down like rain onto the city. The party scrambled to disrupt the ritual or the portal itself. After some quick deductions, Arcaelus and Aydan viewed that the best course of action was to disrupt the portal with enough energy to destabilize it. As Aydan channeled the Animus gem, she became wrapped in an aura of smoke and her demeanor changed. Annoyed, the tiefling brushed the team aside and unleashed a dark purple lightning onto the ritual circle, along with Arcaelus channeling the mysterious coin he found since Greenest. The portal began to destabilize and the hand began to retreat back through the threshold.

As the portal closed, the large hand dematerialized into ether and the sky became clear, with the exception of the dust cloud that hung on the city. The party escape through the opening created by the energy beam and spot small imp-like figures assaulting Illinathar. The party deduced that the creatures were in fact dust mephits, the city guards and local wizards had difficulties with the vermin but luckily through some trial and error the party found their weakness and issued orders as they charged through the city. Several hours pass before the dust (pun intended) settled, the party was weary of their long excursion through Illinathar’s ports. Unfortunately, the sudden attack had left the ports in disarray, many of the docks were sunken or broken, along with many ships toppled over. The team would need to find another means to travel to Lastil-Taswell, many of the shipments took caravans to the town of Rivergreen and some of the smaller boats were willing to take a portion of the deliveries along coastal ports south of the region, while many other companies were forced to take to the road instead.

A much needed rest was well deserved for the party, while they recuperated, many of them spent some time to themselves. Brightiron had the misfortune of sampling a mysterious elixir he found in the abandoned facility, the magical effects transformed the tall barbarian into a large sword that was heavy as the goliath was normally. Aydan and Arcaelus spend their time under the instruction of the spirit of intellect, Bob, mastering their arcane craftsmanship. Meanwhile, Rainer secretly stole the Animus gem from Aydan whilst asleep, but not before leaving with a replica of the gem in its inert state. Rainer visited an undisclosed building in a seedier part of Illinathar, with a couple of knocks he was greeted by a tall half-orc. A few quick words and the halfling rogue ascended up a set stairs to a room with a chair with a full bodied mirror. A few moments and the illusionary image of his employer, the mysterious Timeaus Randor appeared within the mirror. A lanky figure dressed in a dark robe, its cowl raised to conceal his face. The two discussed business arrangements, namely the gem the business mogul requested from the halfling. The halfling begrudgingly gave the gem to cloaked man through a safety box located on the floor. With one task completed, another task was given, the rogue was tasked to retrieve another item on an island not far from Illinathar. Unbeknownst to everyone in the party and even his employer, Rainer had commissioned two replicas of the gem and kept the actual gem on his person.

After settling his business, Rainer returns to the rest of the team where Arcaelus receives a message from Cho-Mak stating that the situation has become increasingly dangerous for the archmage and that he would be remain in close contact with the team soon. Though the archmage suggested that the group continue on their proposed venture to Lastil-Taswell to speak with the fabled Lady of Light.

What awaits our heroes? They fended off another dastardly plot, there are many unanswered questions but their present objective remains clear: the Lady of Light in the city of Lastil-Taswell. What awaits Team BAJA? Find out!

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