The season of winter is both cruel but often humbling, as the weather grows harsher, communities and families huddle closer together as they brave the harshness of the dark and the cold. The children frolic and play out in the snow, warm hearths roast game and wild birds, carols and gifts encourage hope and brotherhood.


But over time, the lessons and memories of the winter season became lost and warped by the greed and ignorance of the people and the generations that followed. Their neglect to traditions and rituals over time has enraged various spirits and entities that embody aspects of the winter holidays, as shepherds and wardens against the harsh cold. One such entity was once a herald for a winter solstice holiday, he came to life one day when a group of children found a magical enchanted black top hat. The artifact had been a memento to once powerful wizard where a portion of his essence became infused with the item upon his death. The children made a sculpture of ice and snow and decorated it with various ornaments and the hat. When the hat was placed on its head, the construct came to life, the children it song and dance. The villagers were at first terrified by such a horrible creature, they sought to drive it out, the creature ran away luckily.

frosty snowman

The creature continued to wander until it found itself in another village, it danced and sang with the children. The villagers there drove it out again. Again, and again. Until winter ended, and the sun’s heat caused the creature to melt. The hat remained to be rediscovered again the following season by new children. The tradition came and went of a snowy creature with a black silk hat that sang and danced with children, for the spirit of good cheer and good will.

But over time, the constant repulsion of the villagers caused the creature to become bitter and slowly its mind became warped and twisted. It began to become as harsh and cruel as winter itself. A winter wonderland of frozen children in an open meadow, demanding children as tribute so that they may sing and dance for the entirety of the winter season or face its icy wrath.

evil frostysnowman