Last time, Leila and Azmal were interrogated by the Inquisitor Veras and his partner. The Inquisitors learn of the growing interest regarding the Eye of Ashara. With much to think over, the Inquisitors leave their prisoners to their cells. 

Episode 12/Past Anthology Episodes

Night reached the Central Didact building, a majority of the visitors and administrative personnel had already departed home for the evening. Lead inquisitors and guardsmen remained at their vigil posts, the sound of metallic boots against cold sandstone could be heard all the way down the to prison cells below. Leila and Azmal sat in their respective cells, with only the light of a single torch to keep the shadows at bay. Leila brushed her crimson hair a few times before resting her back against the cold stone wall. Her purple eyes seemed to glow in the darkness, she would look through the narrow slit that allowed for air to pass, the edges of sunshine and twilight fell hours ago but still lingered in her mind. Will I ever see that sun again, she wondered.

Azmal had been quiet for several hours after the Inquisitors questions for them. Leila assumed that the tiefling was bored and decided to sleep it off. There was nothing else the two of them could do at the moment.

“So how long do you think it’ll take before we end up dead in here?” Azmal asked. He was irritated.

“Are you having second thoughts?” Leila countered, she knew that the tiefling was against this idea from the beginning.

“We’re sitting ducks in here, I would rather be on a ship out of here.” He explained.

“It won’t stop the assassin from tailing us until he confirmed that we did not have the Eye. Even if we could fence it to that blonde woman.” Leila was equally irate, sitting still was also not her strong suit.

“Do you think your ’employee’ abandoned us?” The tiefling queried.

“I think we can trust him. He did save your life after all,” she reminded. Leila continued to wonder where their mysterious friend could be at this hour. He arrived seemingly out of nowhere, with only the promise to a mutual friend to come aid her. Who? He never said.

The swordswoman had met many people throughout her life, more rivals and adversaries than friends. Asmal was an old friend that ran bounties and jobs with Leila when they were adolsecents. They drifted apart, but never turned each other down when a job required trust from an old friend.

“By the way, where did you find that guy anyways? He’s not the sort you normally deal’n.” He recounted.

No, Zeke wasn’t the sort Leila would normally recruit for such a job. She began to run through the list of people she hadn’t pissed off over the last couple of years. Who could have told him to seek her out? The job was only known to a select few, but she doubted anyone would send someone for it. That assumption was clearly not the case.

“You’re right Az, but he seems capable. We can only hope everything works out on his end.” She comforted.

“Do you think he’s right? About the contractor being an adversary for the Nest? Who could be powerful enough to do that?” Azmal wondered.

“Apparently, he knows who and hopefully might do something about it. Maybe break a deal for us.” Leila hoped.

“I hope you’re right Leila, I hope you’re right.” Azmal went silent for the remainder of the night. All they could do now was rest up for the next phase.

Two more days, Leila thought. He promised them two days to turn the Nest away. They just needed to make sure to stall the Inquisitors and the Nest long enough to do it. Leila drifted slowly to sleep, with only the young man’s words and his promise. She was never this naive, but something told her to trust him. Trust the mysterious warrior with the old metallic gauntlet and eye-patch. She had many questions still but they would have to answered when they met again.

The warm moonlit night passed blissfully over the city of Igstanpur, but the shadows continued to move. A cloaked warrior with a familiar metallic arm traversed through the silent dark alleyways.

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