After narrowly defeating the shades from Aydan and Jimmy Moon’s past, the group journeyed further into the foreboding vault that time had forgotten. The halls and rooms were apparently rigged with traps and other various magical defenses as the party discovered. From exploding books to armored horrors, the group continued onward with the whisper of a voice beckoning them to search deeper. Once rested, the group found their way blocked hordes of angelic statues with their hands concealing their faces. An ominous air loomed over the dusty stone hallways, unsure of their prospects but steeled in their resolve the party ventured deeper into the shadows. 

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The iron door swung open with a loud creaking sound, the group were greeted by nearly three dozen statues of what appeared to be angels with their hands covering their faces. Upon closer inspection, Aydan and Kelmaris deemed them to be statues but how they appeared in the previously empty hallway eluded them. Cautiously the group tried to traverse through the horde of angelic statues, until one of them blinked their eyes and their collar was gripped in one of the statue’s hands.

Another blinked.

Stoney hands extended outward towards the group now. Some of their faces revealed with sharp fangs and twisted humanoid faces, they were not angels at all. The crooked creatures stalked the party, moving closer to them with every blink. Faster than a blink and there they stood, clawed hands extended outward hopelessly reaching for the party. Kelmaris and Quest tried to sunder the statues but their hardness was otherworldly and beyond normal conventions. The party traversed down one of the hallways before stumbling onto the threshold that lead to a large room that was offset by a six by six tiled room. The room was nearly thirty feet long and wide, large symbols were etched on each tile which were large enough to accommodate a single person. The six tiles were: a fruit, a crown, a book, a sword, a castle, and a skeletal arm. Aydan and Kelmaris could feel the raw power of magic that was laced into each tile, believing that a hidden sequence of tiles would be the safest path to the other side and possibly to their safety. But time was running out, every moment the statues inched closer to the party.

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While trying to decipher the hidden context of the tiles, the gold dragonborn Proax became grappled by the statues and felt a cold unpleasant touch. Even as a spirit, the dragonborn could feel his essence being drained by the creatures which prompted him to unleash a wall of spiritual guardians with armored dragonborn in its ranks. The golden spirits did little to hinder the creatures who seemed to unaffected by the summoned spirits. Jimmy Moon channeled his power and summoned vines that wrapped around the statues which seemed to hinder some of their movement for a time. Quest’s fists did nothing against the angel statues, with every hit there seemed to little superficial damage inflicted upon them.

Angelic statue comes alive! Image by olechkadesign
Angelic statue comes alive! Image by olechkadesign

In due time, a few more angels managed to grab hold of Quest the Blue, the tiefling let out a cry of pain as their cold touch drained more of his essence. With certain demise eminent, Kelmaris finally managed to figure out the possible safe route to the other side of the room. The half-drow traversed through the room in the correct sequence of tiles and emerged on the other side unscathed. The group followed suit and shortly blasted the threshold of the room to seal it from their angelic pursuers.

Again the empty stone halls, the party continued forward as the voice in their minds grew louder in its call. Eventually the arrived in front of a large golden door. Laced with ornate images and figures of a battle, some of which looked like the various depictions seen throughout the vault underneath the mountain. The doors were locked, Aydan and Kelmaris sensed that the door was magically locked and would require some great power to open them. Physical might did nothing on the door, even with Jimmy Moon, Proax, and Quest combined, spells and magic also had no effect.

Within Aydan’s subconscious, the Animus gem glowed once again and unleashed a wave of crimson energy from her gauntlet. The doors began to slowly open but at the corner of their eyes were more angelic statues coming down the corridor behind them. They simply needed to have the doors open enough to escape but the doors were heavy and slow. Once again the party were faced with insurmountable odds and uncertainty in the presence of the angelic statues. Some seemed more animated than previously, encased in a familiar crimson energy, the party realized that Aydan’s gem had empowered them and seemingly made them more mobile than before. Sword and spell still did minimal damage to the angelic constructs, the battle continued to seem fruitless until enough of the door was open and a gush of wind from the room behind them blasted the statues to dust.

The party turned around and stared at a long foreboding chasm with a narrow pass that lead to a cavern alcove. A golden sarcophagus rested in front of dug out rows littered with skeletal remains. The voice echoed into their minds beckoning them all forward. They cautious traversed through the chasm and finally stood at the sarcophagus, the source of the voice they heard in their minds. Black smoke leaked from its cracks to form a towering skeletal being with a black crown, a missing left eye and arm, draped in spectral robes. The path they entered was gone with only the image of shadow remained, the entity gave a haunting chuckle as it gazed down on the hapless party.

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