Last week was a harrowing week of novel submission deadlines. So I apologize to everyone for the lack of information or communication during they period. I used all of Easter Sunday to rest. But at the same token, I was packing and working my day job Tuesday and Wednesday. That’s right, I’m on holiday again! 

We mages or wizards sometimes need a break from crafting intricate death traps and hurling monsters or spells. We all need to recharge our spell slots and regain some much needed hit points. In my case, it’s sanity and a break from the deadlock of routines in my life. I love blogging, I’m really looking forward to publishing my first novel later this year, but I’I unfortunately still human and need rest. Now I want lichdom so I don’t have to worry about that sort of thing, but another time. 

The blog will be on hiatus from April 20 to May 1. I will most likely start up again that week I return fully refreshed, if not, then posts will resume the week after. 

I have a lot fun and hopefully awesome things for you once I return. The good news I can share now is that we finally have a logo for us. Actually two, but this the one you’ll see in our future DMsGuild releases and possibly for future homebrew posts. We are working on a Patreon in the foreseeable future, still working out the kinks on the offerings and tiers, but I’m confident I’ll have it up by the Summer. 

Without further adieu…here’s our new logo! 

See you when I get back! Remember, fireballs are your friend. Follow my adventures on the official DeathByMage Instagram!