Dungeons and Dragons is deeply rooted around mythology and legends from the world itself, much of the themes are linked to medieval fantasy where swords and magic combat against things like dragons and undead. When Deities and Demigods was first released, it opened the doorway for myriad possibilities for pantheons and potential campaign settings. Out of the twelve pantheons introduced in this supplement, one of them were the gods from Norse mythology. Decades later, the Norse gods along with the Egyptian and Greek gods still have a place in D&D and continue to inspire stories and tales. But unlike the past wherein the gods are simply given stats and then we just move on, but a group of diehard Norse lovers decided to take it a step further and fleshed out the entire Norse pantheon to create a full fledged setting and include an adventure module to boot.

Journey to Ragnarok is a live on Kickstarter, last day is May 7! (Click here for their Kickstarter page)

Journey to Ragnarok combines both its creators’ love of Norse mythology with the Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition ruleset. Its contents are a labor of love spanning nearly 15 years of travelling, reading, and research. This is not just a generic setting, it is a setting devised to truly bring the full Norse experience and its origins that has continued to influence and inspire today’s Fantasy literature, movies, comics, and more. The creative minds behind Journey to Ragnarok are an all Italian team who are deeply passionate about their work and deeply wish to bring this wonderful experience to your next D&D session.

First Kickstarter but already funded!

Journey to Ragnarok has already met their minimum fund requirements, actually within the first 5 hours of their launch!

Journey To Ragnarok is supplement rulebook containing a Norse adventure module, a background setting and additional rules for 5th Edition (5e).

Backers can pledge for a Hardcover book consisting of 270 to 300 pages, depending on the stretch goals reached, including:

  • The Nine Worlds setting based on Norse Mythology
  • Adventure Module for players from 1st to 15th level
  • New archetypes for all the classes
  • The Rune Master: A new playable class!
  • The Norse Pantheon: an in-depth description of deities and semi-deities
  • The Runic Divination System
  • Mythological and Magic Items
  • Creatures and Encounters from The Nine Worlds
  • Adventure Maps
  • Stunning Artworks by Art of Guardino!!!


Hardcover mockup

Why should I back this Kickstarter?

Besides helping a group of awesome and dedicated people get this exciting project off the ground and into the hands of hundreds of DMs and players, there are a few other things to consider:

  • At the writing of this article, the Kickstarter has already been funded and some stretch goals are already met. There are additional stretch goals remaining for the rest of the campaign.
  • There are a plethora of new content, from new archetypes for each class to even a Rune Master class. Additionally, it includes things like the Runic Divination system along with more monsters and magical items.
  • Not only will you have a setting to bring your players to the table, there is an adventure module from 1st level to 15th level included that will help the DM easily and quickly give the players a story in this wondrous setting of gods and monsters.
  • If you’re a big mythology buff, this is definitely something to consider since the book will also include descriptions and mythos on the Norse pantheon including various entities across the Nine Worlds.
  • The Einherjar tier is ideally the best valued pledge, set at €48 (or roughly $51 USD), which includes a hardcover copy of Journey to Ragnarok. As well as a PDF digital copy of the book, a mead recipe, and your name in the credits. This is the traditional price point for most hardcover publications, I mean even Wizards of the Coast charges that much at MSRP. Shipping will be collected through BackerKit at the end of the campaign via survey.

Still unsure? 

Check out Journey to Ragnarok’s Kickstarter page here and read more about their campaign and even see pictures of the creators. Feel free to drop questions to them as well. Right now on their Kickstarter page they also have free downloads for Wallpapers and the Journey to Ragnarok character sheet to check those out.

Update: You can now preorder your copy of Journey to Ragnarok through their Kickstarter page.

Oh, did I forget to mention that you can get a sweet Dungeon Master’s screen as an add-on? Yeah, you can. Yes, it’s awesome.

You can also check out Journey to Ragnarok on their Facebook page here.
They also have an Instagram account too.

For their social media stretch goals, one of them is dressing as a Viking. Love dressing up as a Viking? Suit up and send them pics their way!

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