Happy December everyone!

If you’re reading this, I want to first thank you (my audience and visitors) for visiting, reading, commenting, and sharing my blog across the Internet. Because you, this blog has grown and hit a lot of milestones this year.

Milestone #1: We beat the most viewed post (Santa Claus, Hero of Christmas) of 2016 with my improved fear and Warlock pact article (Fear article) in a single day. The Santa Claus article is still my #2 All-Time Most viewed article on the blog.

Milestone #2: Not only did we beat the most viewed article of 2016, by the end of October, we beat the most monthly views for (you guessed it) December.

Milestone #3: After recovering from the shock of October, the month of November broke a personal milestone of over 10,000 monthly views without any signal boosting from a major source. We won by math.

Milestone #4: I actually have patrons on our Patreon. I love my patrons very much and I’m eternally grateful for your willingness to support me this past couple of months.

Milestone #5: The reason why we’re all here! On top of our amazing achievements, it looked like math wanted to let me have an extra win by reaching our goal of over 2000 Twitter followers & over 200 Facebook follows. It’s all about the 2’s!

So I’m doing a big thank you giveaway!

Grand Prize: 

A copy of Xanathar’s Guide to Everything, a dice bag from GreyedOutProductions featuring the Map of Middle of Earth, and three sets of dice from Tabletop Loot.

Click on the link to enter to win!

Dice Prizes:

We got lots of dice from Tabletop Loot and we’re gonna give them to you! Make sure to be on Twitter and use the hashtag #DeathByDice to be eligible to win! 10 lucky winners will be mailed a set of random dice!


This giveaway will last from December 6th to December 16th.

Final Thanks!

Thank you again for all of your support since I started this blog, I will always be eternally thankful to you. Have a wonderful, and safe holiday season!

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